Saturday, March 6, 2010

Help or hinderance?

Cleaning is a never ending process around the farm (and the house). With so many helping hands to pitch in, our tasks so seem lighter - however, I don't think this one intended to be helping. Our beautiful barn cat, Gumdrop, is always eager for attention - often to the point of being a nuisance. During one of our clean up sessions she decided to jump in the wheel barrow and cry until we stopped a moment for some nuzzling, cuddling and purring. While I prefer to get to the task and get it done, I must say she provided a nice break to refresh us.
So was she a help or a hindrance? Depends on how you look at it. I remember when my children were small and they wanted to "help" with grown up tasks...often it was hard to decide if it was a help or a hindrance. Yes, the task would take longer, a bigger mess would most likely be made, but....we would share time together, they would learn to do the task better eventually, and if we tried we could make it fun. Looking back now I realize they were helps...for me, for them. Now they have the skills, they can do most any task I can do (and have been able to for some time now). They have grown up being willing to help without hindering. Would this be so if I had not started when they were eager and willing?
When these tiny moments interrupt our days, whether it be a pet, a child, a neighbor, and elderly person...the initial thought may be --hindrance, but let us take a second look and see if it is really a help. God may be using this moment for both your benefits even if the blessing is not seen immediately. Have a blessed weekend from all of us at Simply Scaife.

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