Monday, March 8, 2010

A new endeavor....

Recently our county extension office has added a new project for our 4-H-er''s... dance. So far, our family has enjoyed it immensely! Oh the joy of watching a group of youth gathered together, focusing their energy and attention on learning a new skill. They are supervised, they are in a group, they are enjoying the fellowship and activity.
Some may question the necessity of this particular skill...I say, physical activity is important to good health (as is being able to laugh at your progress or success!). This project is not for everyone. Some families have strong convictions regarding dancing or co-ed dancing or maybe some of the music that is involved. Our music is carefully screened by our 4-H leader to serve its purpose yet be clean.
Personally, we sometimes create object lessons that involve secular music, movies or books. For example, a song is chosen, lyrics are found (in written form), and we seek to determine the message being portrayed by that song. (works well with movies and books as well) Since God's Word tells us to be in the word but not of it, and to be wise as serpents, we seek to understand the world and how it relates to God. My personal motto is that all of the world has a message- it is either showing you a warning or the Way. If you're seeking God's wisdom, He will show it to you (and He is big enough to use any means). As strange as this may sound, one of my husband's seminary professors uses a simmilar tactic in the systemic theology class. At any rate, this is my family's conviction and it is one each family must seek for themselves and honor accordingly. No one should judge what God has layed on the hearts of His people, whether we share the conviction or not.
Personally, my husband and I see the dance project as a healthy, supervised activity, an opportunity to learn how to properly interact in a co-ed situation, and a pleasant break from the daily schedule. We attend the project with our teens and, on occasion, join in the fun! Is there an opportunity near you to explore a new endeavor? Are you willing to give it a try?

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