Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the pastor's office...

.........................hangs the first painting in the Messiah series by simplynrae.

Many images of Christ have been painted over the years. Generally we see Him soft and fair-pail and frail. In our studies of Jesus, we read of Him as a carpenter, in the Middle East, outdoors, walking, making a whip, fishing with the disciples....the meek and mild image just isn't part of our families understanding of Jesus. So, our family artist saw a painting of the Messiah in a youth center...bold and strong...manly and rugged..then - she came home and made her own...for her father's office.
This painting already adorns the little pastor's office, and after the end of the month (her daddy's birthday) the second painting (Writing in the Sand) will hang beside it. Yet! We are not finished... watch for other paintings in the Messiah series..several more are on the way.
simplychele and simplynrae
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