Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Putting in the garden...

The greenhouse has been full of seedlings, clippings, and tiny plants for some time now. It seems our soil is beginning to warm and to dry up a bit. This means it is time to plant the fields!
Mornings are filled with barn chores- feeding, milking, replenish water and hay--- and lessons - books scatter around the table, maps are strewn about the floor, computers are in full swing. When this work is completed, we head out to the garden to see what we may accomplish for the day.
Weeding and tilling, planting and mulching...so much is to be done. Yet, we look forward to sprouts and blooms, birds and bees, butterflies and harvest. Can't you just taste the first tomato from the vine? Cucumbers and snap beans?
It will all be worth it when we carry in a basket of produce for the evening meal...or a bucket full for storing away. Hopefully the canner will be put to good use and the freezer will be filled.

So with this anticipation in mind...we head out to the field to plant and pray for a good harvest!

By the way, this is a picture of bee balm - planted last year. It's seeds are now tiny sprouts for this years herb garden.

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