Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little dose of bunny love and the start of gardening..

Don't those floppy ears make you want to just love him up? So soft and furry, warm and sweet - our bunnies are nourishment for the snugly side of life. This is lop eared rabbit is only one of four rabbits currently residing on the farm - a dutch, a Californian, and another lop. We do not use our rabbits for food, but they do provide good manure for the garden beds. To me, rabbits are just gently friends, kind of like cats (but cats are good mousers and snake wranglers!).
Being blessed with another beautiful weather day (and a few more on the way), we have been seeding out snap peas in some of the less-soggy beds. A few onion sets went in the ground late yesterday and we hope to set some more this afternoon. We are trying to find a garden area dry enough to add some lettuces and radishes... it's still just plain swampy around here.
We pulled some lettuces that had bolted .. using them with feed for our livestock.. you know, everyone loves a treat! Our meat pens are growing rapidly in the brooder...however, this current weather has made temperature moderation a mess (30's in the morning and 60's in the afternoon). Still, we are plodding along.
I hope this day finds you full of energy and activity... with warm sunshine on your face and birds chirping in your yard!

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