Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Around the homestead....

There is a flurry of activity....God has given us a beautiful sunny day; filling us with renewed energy to accomplish some much needed chores.

One task that needed our attention was the sauerkraut crock....delicious kraut ready to put up - eight pint jars...packed and set in the barn fridge to keep and use from. With that out of the way, the crock is now clean and sun-curing for next time.

Milk is pasteurizing for our next batch of home make cheese. This week it's mozzarella...mmm. I can hardly wait to get my hands in there and stretch some curds! This cheese will be used on homemade pizzas, tasty antipasto salads or nibbled on after a day in the barn.

Cream has been collected from the milk jars and is awaiting churning. Delicious butter tops our home made biscuits on Sunday afternoon.

Bedding has been hung in the sunshine to air and freshen up. Sheets are being laundered... there is nothing like fresh sun-dried bedding to curl up in.

Luffa sponges that have been cleaned, bleached and aired are now dry and have been put in the linen closet until they are needed. We use them for scrubbing and for giving as gifts with a bar of fresh made soap.

Seedlings have been moved to the greenhouse to harden off and prepare for outdoor planting. Broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower are almost ready for the garden beds we have been spreading compost and stall bedding over.

The greenhouse beds have been clean and composted in preparation for planting.

Today we are nurturing some tomato seedlings under lights in the house. They need the warmth of seed lights for a bit longer.

Baby chicks are in constant need of attention; checking their brooder temp, refilling feed, refreshing water. There have been a few casualties, but that is to be expected.

The hawks are hovering, so we make regular trips to the barn and pasture to check on the pullets. So far so good, but that can change at any moment. Oh, how I eagerly await the start of laying season! Fresh eggs are so satisfying to gather and use.

Hooves need trimmed, so this afternoon we plan to make it happen. Stalls were tended to yesterday, coops cleaned, rabbit stall refreshed... so today. grooming needs done.

So, like I said... a flurry of activity. Thank you, Lord, for the willing hands and the wonderful weather!


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