Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Fillet Primrose Table Runner

This is the needlecraft project simplyjen entered in this year's fair. A beautiful ecru colored, fillet crochet piece measuring six feet lengthwise and three feet across. A lot of time, patience and pieces of her went into this work of art. Handwork is a part of us, the one making it..the ones watching its progress...the ones encouraging along the becomes a precious piece of who we are..a part of our family..our is a beautiful process.
She began just after last year's fair..teaching herself fillet crochet.. in small parts. Starting with a simple design, she made crosses for bookmarks. After some time and study, she taught herself to map a pattern on graph paper...making original design fillet pieces with an alphabet or image..for example, she made a 8x8 inch lace square with the letter of a couple's last name as a wedding gift... she also made a 6x9 original design with a cross motif for her dad's birthday and later patterned entire names.
From here, she purchased second hand pattern books and began the process of testing patterns, threads, and blocking techniques. These patterns would be much harder...larger..and prove a test of the will.
In the summer, she had a pattern she loved the look of..the primrose...but starting the pattern in the recommended superfine thread was more aggravation than anyone just didn't work. So, this beautifully talented gal took the time to adjust the pattern use a standard weight thread...and slightly larger hook. This was not without its own frustrations..working fillet thread work is tedious and often downright tiresome. Her actual project began around late August, after our summer mission trip.
Perseverance and determination...and just plain old hard-headedness paid off. This gal finished this project with a few weeks to spare...never once getting the delicate thread dirty (a huge undertaking considering farm life and open windows)..blocked it...wrote a log sheet...and developed a photo journal of the process. Wow!
At the auction, I had a tinge of concern she may not be able to part with this well..after all, many hours, tears and trials were woven into this beautiful piece. It had become a part of us.. a part of her...a process in her life. God knows our hearts..He is always a step ahead. The buyer of this piece was a precious older woman, one of Jen's judges, who had a mist of tears in her eyes as she took the beautiful table runner from Jen's hands. This dear woman had set it in her heart to purchase this treasure...oh, Jen did not hesitate to hand it over with a tender hug. None of us would have it any other way...this part of our lives, this piece of our girl, is in the loving hands of a woman who truly appreciates it..values it as we would.. and will be remembered in our hearts forever.

You see, you never know where your experiences will lead you...where your choices may take you...whom you path is meant to cross..or touch..our be touched by. The importance of this project is not measurable...not defined by the amount of money it raised...the status it was labeled..or the applause of others. I believe God applauded this tender moment ..ordained it..and will ever use it to His glory. The value of this project....who can measure? Oh my, where will the next one take us?
simplychele with simplyjen

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Helena West said...

The design is great. I guess it takes time to finish that pattern. But I found it interesting, it inspires me to make my own. Thank you for sharing your skill.