Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Updates from the Fair

We had a really great fair this year. I saw some excellent showings from the area kids...some awesome sportsmanship...some beautiful encouragement....well done contestants! Our family is personally proud of the many talented...and brave kids.. who worked so hard ..who persevered..who made it through. Remember, it's not about the awards, it's about the rewards. Each one of us learned something new...gained new experiences...remained faithful and completed a project....well done!
As for our own family's standings:
Each farmkid entered a canned good- though none placed in action, we had very good comments...this was their first year to show in this area...Well done kiddos!
Each farmkid entered a meat pen (chickens) - two pens held there own through several sifts before being cut...this was their first year to show in this area...Well done kiddos!
The farmboy entered a handmade leather stockwhip - he received an Honorable Mention..his handwork was placed on was his second year in handcrafts...well done farmboy!
Simplyjen, our goatmama, entered a fillet crochet table runner in the needlecrafts division..she received Grand was her third year in this area..the auction has been held..she received a nice price to place in her college funds...well done goatmama!!
Overall, we met wonderful and knowledgeable people..both young and old; we gained experience and knowledge we did not already have; we encouraged others and cheered them along- and received encouragement and support ourselves. Well done Montgomery County!!!
Already we are looking toward next, animals, handwork, patterns and possibilities. God bless this desire to learn and grow and stretch in various areas - none of this is wasted..all is for His glory!

*We hope to post some pictures from the fair my computer is being fussy.

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