Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Happy Accident!

This is the newest quilt top on the table this week. "Grandmother's Fan" is the pattern - a portion of the Dresden plate pattern is used to create a fan motif. Here it is alternated with solid blocks of plain print ecru material. Each fan is made from pieces of my kids' Easter clothes from years past (the same material as was used in the "Spring Hearts" from last week). The white block is from my husband's grandmother's linens. No backing has been chosen yet..that is today's task. Yet...on to the accident part.
The fan's were hand-appliqued and waiting to be fitted into a quilt top..but I was having the hardest time finding a layout that I liked. Everyone tried to help with a new twist or idea to make the fans lay in a flattering way- yet not look ho-hum. Yesterday I decided to just piece them in alternating rows and get it over with, however, when the piecing began I realized that a mistake had been row was upside down backwards....I liked it! The rest is history. This cute little quilt is perfect just as it is.
No home has been claimed for this bassinet size cutie. This may just be one of the first quilts to make listing in our Etsy shop. The girls have been setting up our shop online and preparing handmades of their own...we hope to have listings up in June this year. So keep an eye out and spread the word. Selling quilts is my plan, yet I also aim to offer commissions and completions (if you have a quilt at any stage in need of completion). Other handmades will grace the shop- crochet rag rugs, simple totes, crochet items (some fillet work) and, of course, art from our artist and wood or metal arts from our farmboy.
As for now, I am off to locate a backing fabric for this quilt top..and learn to use my new sewing machine-(I burned up the motor in my other one)-just arrived today! Plus, laundry from the line, produce from the garden, weeds from the rows...oh, the list goes on. Until tomorrow, may God bless you with your own "happy accident."

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