Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happiness is....

Happiness is my first new sewing machine..ever! I have had many sewing machines over the years..many adopted from others who purchased new ones and simply needed a home for the old ones. They served me well, and went their way (I use things until they are no longer worth the time and money to repair them) and now....after many years have my very sewing machine. I am happily learning how to use my treasured gift..thankyou dear hubby!
Happiness is fresh garden foods picked and put away for later..when the garden is scorched and the store prices are too high. It is such a blessing a joy to walk the fields and pick baskets of home grown goodness...prepare them....and know they are available when my family needs them.

Happiness is snapping fresh green beans while my children (okay, teens) study their lessons nearby. Quiet moments mixed with random discussions about algebra, creation verses evolution, and today's current events. Plans are made for the afternoon free time..handwork is discussed..ideas worked out for the set up of outdoor things....precious is this moment.
Now, for you? Tell me...what is your "happiness is.."

" content with such things as ye have...." Hebrews 13:5

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