Friday, May 21, 2010

On the table....

Today's project on the piecing table is an appliqued Dresden plate design in brown tones using fabric with light prints and coffee motifs. This quilt will be a three tier quilt- wall hanging - using beige, chocolate and cranberry for outer boarders. I intend to quilt along the applique lines and then stipple the outer white areas of the square. This project is intended to be added to our online shop next month.
Now, a little update on the new sewing machine. Wow! I am definitely loving this. Quiet and quick, even stitches with perfect tension...oh my...beautiful quilting stitches. (I keep waiting to mess it up - my history with machinery and all). The "Spring Hearts" quilt is on the quilting table ..right now...using the stitch in the ditch pattern...going smoothly. My intention for this particular quilt was hand quilting, however, considering it is a crib quilt, I decided machine quilting would be more durable for the many washings it may undergo. Either way, new machine was well worth the wait...I'm loving is my family (happy momma, happy family).
I don't expect to post tomorrow as we are of to a poultry workshop. A local agricultural college is hosting this event for families who raise meat birds for show. It is always nice to take a day away from the farm and the big you a new vision....fresh eyes to see through. We plan to enjoy our day away. Small handiwork will be going with each of us...we always carry a light project to keep us busy during long trips. Maybe we will have a little project to show you when we return.
Since I do not expect to see you until next week we hope and pray you have a safe and blessed weekend...hug your loved ones, enjoy God's beauty around you, and worship our risen Saviour with your family..and if you can...create something simply beautiful. God bless.
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