Friday, May 7, 2010

A Place of Peace

Out and about the farm today it came to me..I have not been visiting one of my favorite space lately..the greenhouse; my place of peace when trouble stirs my heart. Seems only the other day, this space busied my hands with tending, watering, nurturing little seedlings so fragile and sweet; busied my mind with prayer, supplication, God's peace. The rows and tables were filled with beautiful green sprouts and wintered over plants...kept by God's love. The in little greenhouse God gave them protection from the chilly winds and rains...God gave me a place of connect with God's nurture His creations and marvel at the development of seeds-soil-plant. Yet, warm summer like weather has rushed upon us here in the south. The days are warming fast -- this little space will be visited less and less. However...this place will be there for me when the cool winds return and the winter rains fall. Yes, my place of peace will be there when the season comes....for now...the place of peace will change.
With summer warmth, the garden rows are where I will go .. to walk, to talk, to seek peace, answers, prayers, God's gentle hand. Already the growing plants are giving bloom, setting fruit, reaching toward the sun. Weeding, watering, pruning and training busy my hands as my mind and heart seek God's comfort and guidance in the burdens of my I pray for my teens- struggling to find their heart and place, for my church- the direction to grow and mature, for a friend- grieving the passing of a loved one, for others who my Father gently reminds me need His love as well. Ah, peace comes in the garden.
Seasons come and go as do our friends and neighbors. The only Friend who will never leave us is our Savior. Seek with me a place of peace...of solace...of communion. We do not have to have the same place, approach, or method...however, we do need the same Heavenly Father. I encourage you today, find a place of peace.

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