Thursday, May 6, 2010

Respect of Personal Space - or Lack of It

While mucking the barn this morning we faced a common problem around the barnyard - lack of respect of personal space. When I head out to the stalls - to fill a water tub, a feeder, or to muck a mess - I am swarmed by the critters.....goats, chicks, dogs practically jump in your arms to see what I might have in my hands today. This behaviour can be downright aggravating if you are carrying a basket full of fresh farm eggs from the coop. Yet, this problem is not confined to our also happens with people.
In our day of technological gadgets, it seems people have forgotten the need to respect personal space or information/privacy. Some seem to feel it is completely ok to plaster others' personal images (our appearance/a picture), our personal information (birthdays, names, addresses) on the web for all to see...along with a commentary of their own feelings, emotions or opinions. How sad our culture has come to this. Where does the accountability lie?
We can look at our farm animals and assume they do not have the God-given sense to know personal space or privacy... often some training is needed to correct overbearing habits in them. Yet, what do we do when it is another person? It saddens me when I realize others may not see the ill effects such behavior can have - on them - on the person they are disrespecting..violating the privacy of.
So, join with me in prayer and evaluation. Let us pray for the community and culture around us for a better understanding of personal privacy and respect. Search our own lives for instances where this may be in practice...and make right the wrongs. Our emotions and feelings are our own, however, they are not necessarily everyone's business...especially if we are violating the privacy of another. Let us encourage and help one another.

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