Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ah, A Bit of Rain

We can breathe a sigh of relief; there has been a bit of rain. The dusty soil was in desperate need of replenishing..our gardens are standing a bit taller. Even the pretty little birds decided to come out and enjoy the moment.
With corn on the stalks and tomatoes on the vine, rain becomes quite crucial to our garden's needs. Dusty soil and dense humidity carry quite a tole on even the farm animals around here. Breathing a sigh of relief with them, we are ever thankful for the rain.
On this wet day, handwork is taken up...somewhat neglected lately due to other things demanding our attention. Our farmartist is creating some beautiful new art projects from our own farm scenery (hope to share some with you soon). Our goatmama has been tending a needlcraft that has been waiting her little hands. Farmboy, well, he gets restless cooped up in the house, so he takes to books and patterns to plan a new wood project (which can be done in our shop if there is no lightning). Farmdad has been making repairs to this and that (with farmboy's assistance), and working hard as always. As for myself, some binding and handquilting are calling my name; they have waited far too long for me to come back to them. Little fans and a pretty table runner are near completion..just need my attention.
Thanks to each one of you who visited our Etsy shop; hope you enjoyed your stay. Pass us along if you can. For now, I'm off to join the children around the livingroom for handwork and chatter..where our hopes and dreams are shared and nurtured.


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