Friday, June 4, 2010

Unsupervised at the Fabric Store

Yes, it is true, I should not be allowed to roam about the fabric department unsupervised. It seems my self control leaves me the minute I step near the isles of beautiful fabrics..gets even worse when I come upon the remnant bins in the shop. My intentions are good; I have a list, yet, it never seems to keep me from leaving with more than I planned to.

Now tell me you could pass such lovely fabrics up. Here is a sweet little quilt panel with the Winnie the Pooh motif. The color combinations and interesting layout just called to me. Next to it on the rack was a cute yellow fabric with little bees placed here and there; seemed a perfect backing for the Pooh panel; yes, I brought it home as well.

My intention was to purchase a backing fabric for this Java Dresden wheel; I did. Warm brown fabric, the color of bittersweet chocolate, lightly printed with deeper brown wisps of leaves, the color of dark chocolate, was chosen. Of course, the minute I arrived with my goods, the pins and scissors were called to order and the Java table runner was layered for quilting. Now to layer to Pooh panels (I bought two)!

Lest you think it is only me, simplyjen had her own quandry. She intended to purchase only a skein of yarn needed to complete a commissioned piece. Not finding it in stock, she did not let that discourage her..she also came home with a tote full of lemon lime summery yarns..and visions of the many things she could do with her finds!

Oh, don't fret..I never leave home for a trip to the fabric shop without my dear farmman's permission (yes he knows me very well). I am cautious to put the fabric to good use and to make my selections wisely. Never do I purchase a piece that doesn't first speak a project vision into my heart. Often I find my treasures in the remnant bin..making the discount an even better reason to purchase the goods. My dear farmman always gets a hearty laugh at the way we manage to bring home such "frugal finds" (and provide some interesting ideas as to why these particular items came home with us).
Now, the trouble is, which project to work on first today!

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