Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Featured in our Shop...

Do any of you remember a sweet and simple rag doll from the past named Holly Hobby? I do. She was a favorite of mine (right next to Raggedy Ann); soft and simple..a plain country girl indeed. When a favorite craft shop had a set of panels printed with images of this dear friend I knew they were to come home with me.

Now, they sat in my fabric bin for some time because I have a thing about cutting favorite materials (yes, this was one of them). However, practicality overruled and the panels were brought to the table. Two small panels were part of the set: a scrappy heart and Holly Hobby herself.

I decided to quilt these small panels using cotton embroidery floss: blush pink, baby blue, and chocolate brown. The scrappy heart took on the crazy quilt appearance...simple, yet embellished. Bound with dark country blue fabric cut on the bias, the little panel is just right for a wall or to use for a pillow case.

Here we have dear Holly, herself. I took time and tenderness quilting this one. The tussled curles, the crinkles in her bonnet, the little butterflies on the corners..delicately accentuated with little hand stitches. Again, bound with the same dark country blue, and also a cute wall hanging, table top, or pillow cover.
Seeing my favorite doll again makes me long for those simpler days when life's great concerns revolved around chores comming too often and bedtime comming too soon. Days when not liking brussel sprouts was nearly the death of me and sitting before a plate of spanish rice (my least favorite dinner) was the last straw. Seems those days are long gone, the cares and troubles have gotten bigger...the uglies of the world tend to crowd in around us. Yet, for a moment, the sweet face of my childhood friend brings me comfort..reminds me of then. How kind of my Lord to guide me to this project just when I needed it.
The memories will stay with me, however, the panels will not. Both of these darling little quilt panels can be found in our shop listing: http://www.etsy.com/listing/48579293/holly-hobby-quilted-panels. We invite you to take the time to visit all the pretty listings there. Watch closely this week...simplyjen has some delicate filet crochet pieces ready to list. They are on the block right now and will be listed as soon as they are set. As for simplynrae, she has some new art nearly ready to go..designed origionals! Have a blessed day.

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