Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Ah, yes, it's that time again...VBS! Travel back a moment with me to years when you attended, hosted or taught in VBS. Kids running amuk, teachers toting tubs of activities, wacky snacks served in the church kitchen, pastors dressed in funny attire...yes, it's VBS.
This year (after a few years of sabbatical) our family has returned to the joyous servitude known as Vacation Bible School. Sharing the work with an another area church, we are using the Saddleback Ridge program; right up our alley. Time and effort (and lots of crayons) have gone into preparing for this week.
Pray for us as we take on the roll of preschool director for this summer VBS- you gotta love preschoolers to teach this! Today we had fifteen lively little joys in our class and you never know what tomorrow may we'd appreciate your encouragement.
Also, if your church (or a church in your area) is hosting a VBS, prayerfully consider helping out. No task is too small and no person is incapable..join the fun! If you have children preschool to completed sixth grade, have them attend a VBS...they'll never be the same.

We're off to load the car with object lessons, goldfish crackers, and lots of farm items for tomorrow's excitement...and you never know what may come of the simple seeds planted in these next few days..oh, how precious to be part of it!

simplychele and the farmkids (or this week- ranchhands!)

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