Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day..

Our family wishes a blessed Father's Day to men everywhere. Please take the time to remember the men in your lives who use their time and energy every day providing, protecting, and praying for you. Consider their needs, hopes and dreams; what makes them tick. Instead of spending money on a random gift..spend time on them..on their desires..feed their souls for a day.

Here on the farm we know that this farm daddy is not impressed with pricey gifts or outlandish to-do's. He appreciates respect, faithfulness, hardwork, good food and plenty of love from his family. Our gifts are usually handmade- accompanied by a home cooked favorite meal- and time together. We attend church services together and honor fathers in our community and in our nursing facilities.

God bless your holiday weekend; we pray you enjoy time with fathers and grandfathers..all your loved ones. See you next week.


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