Monday, June 7, 2010

Things Here and There

Here are some rather naughty ladies. Seems these two gals are on a mission, you see, our farmcats know that after breakfast the scrapings are set out the back door for their morning treat..often this includes some milk or such. These young pullets have discovered a way to sneak out of the henyard and wait in the flowerbeds near our backdoor..of course..pouncing the cats for the morning scraps. Naughty ladies.
Here we see one of the sewing machine covers in use. This is simplyjen's turtle print cover on her Singer sewing machine. Seems to be doing a good job of keeping the dust at a minimum. On the chair, you see a granny square variation she has been playing around with.

Currently on the quilt frame is the Grandmother's Fan quilt; lot of time and love going into every single stitch. I must confess, I find the frame awkward to work on, it just isn't fitting me well. Patience is the key here, and we are starting to get along better. Most of the quilts we do are handquilted..machine is nice, more durable it seems..yet there is just something about handwork that speaks to me.

And then the garden, bless it! This is a daily occurrence on the kitchen counter...seems we no more that put up the produce that more is harvested! What a blessing! We know it won't last..bugs and heat will get us eventually, but for now...yum! Our lovely hens are also putting out twenty-seven lovely eggs each day. It's such a joy to share them.

Summer is off with a boom..we have had some showers (thankyou. Lord)..much needed, and several days of just muggy heat. Mosquitoes are in full swarm as are the flies..seems they are planning a "hostile take-over" around here. All normal for this time of year. Planning and preparing for hurricane season is in order..we set up storage provisions to get us through..and are stocking the church pantry as well.
As with every season, joys and frustrations are abundant. Our family is plodding through struggles of our own. Blessings mixed with frustrations; new schedules and everyone going this way and that. The frustrations of simply interacting with others (or driving down the road) can nearly do you in.
Daily we must set our love our Lord and walk in His ways, to love each other as He has loved us, and to share this love with others around us (who do not necessarily make it easy). So we challenge you, as we are challenged, to share kindness and try to mend broken fences this to avoid conflict when you can..and help someone in need if it is in your power to do so. One simply act of kindness can go a long way.
**our blogger has been down; sorry to post so late...hope it will be better soon

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