Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stitching Pretty

Spent most of yesterday layering and handquilting, so this morning my fingers needed a little break. I turned to my other stack of to-do's and whipped up some sewing and serger machine covers.

Pretty spring print fabric of yellow, soft blue and green colors made cheery cotton covers ready to fit any standard sewing machine (they even fit over my new heavy duty machine- which is a bit larger) and a standard serger.

In our home a machine cover is a must. Being open air (we have open windows and doors day in and day out), dust collects quickly in every uncovered space. For a sewing or serging machine, this is trouble. Dust can build up causing the machine not to function properly. We have a cover for each of our machines..simplyjen has a flannel turtle print cover for hers, our serger is green with a light floral print, simplynrae has a bandanna fabric cover, and mine is covered with a warm chocolate fabric printed with the names of Jesus.

We have not decided if there would be an interest in machine covers, so currently we are not listing them in our shop...leave us a comment if you have a thought on the matter. Also, if you are interested in one for us at, on hand ones are $15.00, or custom order one for $20.00 (special fabrics would require discussion).

Now, we are off for an afternoon away...there's a birthday in the family...see you Monday.


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