Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let Us Not Forget

In Remembrance by nraescaife

Another holiday weekend; another traffic jam, or family gathering, or church function, or--you get the picture. Often times these long weekends are more a bother than a holiday and that should not be. Seems we have forgotten why we have the holiday to begin with.As for me and my house, we aim to remember why holidays became holidays, stayed holidays, and what the purpose is.

The Fourth of July was intended to be a celebration of our nationhood; the passing of our Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. The early celebrators held mock funerals to symbolize the death of the monarchy rule over our country. In the past, this holiday was celebrated with parades, orations, community gatherings celebrating the birth of this new nation. However, recent celebrations verge more on self indulgence and expensive fireworks displays.

Here on the farm, our celebrations are simple. We make our past, our fallen heroes, and our current nation a subject of discussion, research and prayer. If family is near enough to gather, a simple grilled meal may be served- or a dessert gathering may be held. Often a small set of fireworks are set off by the children and the farm dad. This year, the weather has not been conductive to outdoor activities, and the holiday falls on a Sunday..which means most of our energies will be spent on worshiping and serving our Lord; honoring our veterans in attendance and praying over current service members.

Seems our country is losing touch with its roots; its history. Let us each try to recapture the fire with which our nation began..passing to the next generations..placing it in the hands of God. Have a safe and blessed holiday weekend.


*note: The above picture is by simplynrae..a collection of memorabilia from her parents' military items. This is on the easel as a pencil sketch and possibly a painting....enjoy more of her beautiful patriotic works at !

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