Friday, July 2, 2010


The good news...Hurricane Alex did not produce any damaging weather to my area; it did do severe damage to areas south of us- including a few reported deaths. The bad news....I am battling a bug; started mild last weekend and has worsened each day- today seems rather awful...cough and sore throat (by the way..lost my voice)-no fun for me.

Today was rather gloomy; rain stayed around nearly all day (we could use it). With the muggy air aggravating my summer cold, I personally will spend most of my day just quilting in front of a fan. Watching the chickens venture out between rain showers to scratch around, sipping iced tea, trying to finish hand quilting Grandma's Fans- this is the plan for me.

Now the farmkids are busy working on combined musical arrangements (piano, guitar, keyboard), summer classwork, and a few new projects. Our artist has some neat pics ready, however, with her away much of the day for classes- I can't get them uploaded for posting. She has some really nice card sets ready for sale, a set of farm-style embroidery images, and is almost finished with a patriotic sketch (on top of all those writing assignments for college)- busy girl.  Our goat n garden gal is trying to complete a baby blanket that has pretty yellow rosebuds- and is testing a pattern for filet edged pillow cases. Farmboy, well, he feels like a caged puppy today- not at all pleased. He is working on his base guitar skills and drawing plans for some welding projects- using horseshoes.

Off I go to help my dear farm-husband by gathering some patriotic items for his Sunday sermon...some on the list: our personal copy of the Declaration of Independence, our copy of the Bill of Rights, our military memorabilia, and a flag. It is always so amazing to see how some of this comes out in the pulpit; isn't the Holy Spirit amazing?

Please pray for our neighbors to the south recovering the effects of the hurricane. and our servicemen and their families; join us as we remember them today.


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