Friday, July 30, 2010

Preparing for the Journey

   This day will be filled with preparing. Laundry washed and line dried in the sun; preparing to be packed for our journey. Healthy foods will be gathered and packaged; preparing to be taken on our journey. Bibles will be tucked among the other necessities; prepared to assist us on our journey. This day will be filled with preparing.
    In the hustle and bustle of preparations, details of our upcoming mission trip have come to our ears. We now know our assignment and the type of work we will be doing. A dear woman has become a widow. A woman who once ran a little restaurant. A woman who made wedding cakes for others. A woman who loves growing and canning her own food. A woman who loves her Independence. As it goes, a woman who could use our help. Brush fire destroyed her beloved canning house. Garden chores have gotten away. General maintenance is needed on her property.
    I don't know about you, but on receiving this information, amazement hit my heart. God knew right where to put us. The majority of our youth (and our adults) have garden experience, live in the country, and are familiar with the outdoors. We are a small community who look to assist each other and our older residents. The Lord surely knew our hearts and our abilities when He placed us in this particular assignment.
    Further news encouraged us even more. Our housing arrangements will be "outdoorsy" - we are staying in a camp/cabin setting bunking together. Near our housing, we have a lake with volleyball nets and other outdoor recreation settings. Praise God- won't this be fitting?
    In preparing, much prayer is needed. Though is seems we fit this mission, the surroundings and the work are not the main purpose. Sharing the love of our Savior is the main mission. Without preparation in prayer; without guidance in the Holy Spirit; without willingness of heart and surrender of will, this will not be accomplished.
    We invite you to join Unity Baptist Church in prayer for Team Effort Mission Arkansas. Every youth, every assignment, every adult sponsor, every team leader needs your prayers. A hymn has been on my mind all morning, "without Him, I could do nothing; without Him, I'd surely fail". Absolute truth...without Him, we will do nothing, we will fail.
    Help us prepare for our journey- pray for Team Effort this week as we travel, work, and share through the love of Christ.

simplychele and the mission crew

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