Friday, July 16, 2010

A Right of Passage...Choosing the Class Ring

Think back with me (or forward if this is the case) to the start of our senior year..and the time of the class ring. For one member of our family..that moment has arrived. We just picked up her beautiful class ring. I have asked her to tell us about it.

Hey, this is simplynrae, I'm here to tell you about my class ring. I've been pouring over the catalogue for sometime now and finally settled on a design that fits me. This is a classic design ring in valadium, with the emerald star burst cut jewel - my birthstone, which is the emerald. The design of my ring reflects the things from my high school years that drive me to finish. On one side is a painter's pallet and brush..this is to remind me of all those art projects, classes, fair entries, and web displays I made over the years (finally making art purposeful, since I used to use it to doodle on my classwork :)...). Yes, Mom, I admit it. The other side displays a remind me of my past 4-H projects, riding lessons, Leap of Faith, training yearlings, and my beautiful new baby- Scout. The color guard is green and gold- the colors of 4-H. I gladly display the word "home school" around the stone, because - I was. My initials are engraved inside to remind me of who I am. Every part of this ring is a symbol of me and the four years I strived to get where I am today and where I will be tomorrow.

We are all excited with her and her upcoming accomplishments..we have seen her grow, watched her learn, and endured with her. Keep it going, girl...the best is yet to come!

scaifeparents and siblings with simplynrae


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, N.R.! I loved reading about your ring and how symbolic it is to you. The first time I heard about you, it was through a prayer request. You were about 4 years of age and had scarlet fever. How scary and rare that was in the U.S. I am so thankful that you have blossomed into the young, smart woman you are! Praise God.

Much love,
Andrea L.

Ealadha said...

Thank you so much Andrea! What you said means alot to me..