Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughful Thursday....Pondering from the Accidental Pastor's Wife

"Beware a Listener Unaware"

Unbeknownst to me, Gumdrop was intently listening from just outside the back door as I made cheese yesterday. She must have know I would have fresh whey for her as soon as the cheese was strained. What a surprise when I nearly tripped over her while trying to carry the whey out. This got me to remembering...

You never know who may be where you don't know. This comes from experience- and it isn't always a good thing. This little story comes from the days when my husband did his time on the pulpit supply list; meaning any church with out a pastor (or church with a pastor out for a time) could review your resume and call you to fill the pulpit. It is an insightful and educational process for the whole family in ministry.

Just so happens on one particular Sunday morning..Sunday school had just finished up and ladies of the church were heading to the ladies' room before services. Now, ladies in the ladies' room of a Baptist church (or any church I'm sure) tend to chat a bit - share their hearts. On this particular ladies' room visit, some ladies were sharing their hearts concerning the current pulpit supply pastor- not all the ladies were in favor of his previous message.

Well, as for me...I was in the ladies room as well. When the conversation started it gave me quite a dilemma- exit the stall or not. Being me, I decided to just face the music and walk on out..and I did. Bless their speechless hearts, they were shocked! What do ya say when they are giving "constructive criticism" for your husband? "Good morning, Ladies" with a smile ---a quick hand wash--and - exit!

Now, we knew this church was not for us (we were a temporary visitor)...the people, well, we knew my husband was not the "style" of pastor they were looking for. Yet, this morning mishap has stuck with me every since. Learn with me---you never know who may be where you don't know.

Our Lord frowns upon gossip, and on judging others..I do not intend that here. These ladies did not mean for me to hear them...I did not mean to be there. They are entitled to their opinion and pastor preferences. This little memory is a lesson for us all... be careful what you say, for you never know who may be listening- purposefully or accidentally. It is a shame that much hurt and heartbreak comes from within our own church walls. Let us guard our tongues and leave the concerns to be shared with our husbands and the Lord. One final note:

Bear in mind- your pastor's wife uses the ladies' room, too..she has feelings just like you do..she loves her husband and the people of the, be careful what you share there.

the accidental pastor's wife

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