Monday, July 26, 2010

So, Why Did You Go To Camp?

   My thought to ponder...why did I go to camp. This question was asked of the sponsors in our first meeting shortly after arrival and check in. Upon hearing the question, my first thought was of the business meeting our church held some months back- when we were still in the planning stage of camp and preparing to send the fees in. Let me admit..I was frusterated and one wanted to go. My husband and I had a notion this was how it would we discussed it together the eventing prior to the meeting, and his decision was that the kids needed to go and if no one else was willing- we would to it. And, we did.
   Knowing my feelings toward this were not right..I began to pray earnestly for God to correct my attitude and give me the right heart about camp. Resignation to the fact that - in a small church- this will happen- began to set in. Other people have their reasons..and if you want to see something done you better be willing to be the one willing to do the work before you present it to the people. Yet, I still didn't feel this was a right attitude toward camp. So, I prayed more.
   In the weeks before leaving, my heart changed. My prayer for the church and its community has been to reach them...realization...this was a way to reach them: Once the reality of this hit me, there was no purpose was to reach them this week..and by whatever means God deemed necessary. I had to seek forgiveness and let go of regret for my inital emotions toward the issue...I packed, prepared and left home with a clean attitude and a right heart toward camp. I return home thankful my heart was corrected so I could be used there.
   So, when asked why I went to camp the answer is..because God asked me to use this as a way to reach people He loves....and we did. Seeds were planted...teachable moments were captured...conversations were held...a soul was added to the Kingdom...God's intended purpose fulfilled. In the end, it was a wonderful week full of activity and purpose..I thank God He showed me why I went to camp.


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