Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A First Sale in Our Little Shop....

Simply Pooh

  I grew up with A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh. The gentle little Pooh, his timid best friend, Piglet..the gloomy Eeyore...they were there for each other in all sorts of adventures. I remember wanting a garden and tree home just like Rabbits'. Kanga always seemed such a gentle mama to little Roo. Owl was filled with wisdom and Christopher Robin brought sense to it all. These stories survived me and made it to the book shelves of my very own children..and then to my kindergarten classroom.
  We are older now and have outgrown such bedtime stories. Yet...Pooh is timeless..ageless..and always familiar, bringing comfort and tender memories. This material made its way into my heart as I sat at the sewing table to quilt this pretty piece. Now just finished, the little quilt featuring Winnie the Pooh and all his friends was placed on sale in our shop early Monday morning and sold that very afternoon.
  Soft "pooh" colors with gingham accents; the quilt is crib size and just right for a baby boy or girl. It measures 32 1/2 inches across and 42 1/2 inches top to bottom. Machine quilted in-the-ditch with dark green contrast binding. The back is a buttery yellow dotted with honeybees..soft and puffy in all the right places.
   Stop over at our shop (the link is at the top of our page) and view some of our other pretty quilts as well as thread work items made by our family's hands.  You may have missed purchasing this cute quilt, but don't worry...Simply Pooh, Too (which will be nearly identical to this quilt) is on the quilt table right now!


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