Saturday, August 21, 2010

Farmhouse Foods....Farmboy's Cookin'

As the farmboy gets older he seems to be branching out in his endeavors. In the past his cooking has focus primarily on grilling dishes (still his favorite method), however, he is stretching his cooking skills and dipping into kitchen work. As mentioned yesterday, he is doing new and different things now, with his sisters occupied elsewhere. He has asked to share his latest recipe here with you.
Today, farmboy's cooking Spanish Rice...his way. Now, there are many variations and methods to making this particular dish..and our boy has his own. Being of the male persuasion, he likes to use as few dishes as this is a one dish meal. He also prefers the dish to be complete...combining all components in one place...starches, veggies, meats, and such. So, without further introduction....

Farmboy's Spanish Rice

1 bell pepper, seeded and chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 16oz can diced tomatoes
2 cups broth (chicken or beef)
2 cups whole brown rice (not instant)
olive oil
roast beef, already cooked and chopped
creole seasoning to taste

Drizzle some oil in the bottom of a pan and warm it. Saute your pepper, onion and garlic till tender. Add the dry rice and "toast" it until it is translucent. Add your diced tomatoes (juice and all) and your broth (I used beef). Add the roast, season with creole seasoning to your taste, and stir well to incorporate all the ingredients. Cover your stockpot and cook until the rice has absorbed the liquid (approximately 20 minutes). Serve.

Our rice was served with a side of sauteed summer squash, however, a green beans or a fresh salad would also go well. For dessert we had fresh peaches with a drizzle of yogurt and honey.

Note. You could use any meat or leave it out completely. We used roast because it was already cooked and ready. Typically ground beef is seen in this dish, however, chopped chicken would be nice. If you want to add fire to your dish, chop some jalapeno into the veggies before you saute them, or add Tabasco sauce when served.

Hope you enjoy this tasty dish with your family!

simplychele and the farmboy

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