Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day with Farmboy.....Things I learned


   Yesterday's plan flew out the window rather quickly and the farmboy ended up home with just me. It didn't take him long to decide how he wanted to spend this time. A trip to the skate park is a rare treat since he is the only skater in the house. He had the car loaded with gear, snacks and drinks before my shoes were even tied! I grabbed some handwork and headed out for an unusual day with just my boy.

   Boys are different..let me tell you. More and more, we are starting to find ourselves home together- just the two of us. This is foreign to us both; usually there are girls to fill the empty space..the quiet. When my husband is home, our farmboy is usually in his shadow working right alongside him. However, work comes and it's just us two. Now we must start to learn a bit about each other; how we work together. We have had days where we mended farm things, worked the garden, mowed..but not really a fun day to So, today was to be that day.

   Things I learned about my farmboy today:

1. Not to gasp or cringe when he makes the big jumps.
2. He can talk...really.
3. He is a planner, a thinker, a dreamer
4. He does have a sense of humor- that does not always involve terrifying me.
5. He has good manners (opens doors, carries things, is compassionate)
6. Sonic ice cream - yes!
7. He does pay attention.
8. He is listening- even when it doesn't look like it.
9. That boy can cook!
10. He is just like his father....oh, my!

  Time together is going to be interesting, yes, even different. With his sisters growing and driving (oh, pray for me) we will find ourselves together more often. I wonder what things we will discover next. Spend some time today with someone you don't often get the chance to. It is amazing what you will learn.

simplychele and farmboy

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