Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday...Ponderings from the Accidental Pastor's Wife

    The Almost Awful Lord's Supper Service..aka..My Own Feeble Attempts

  We are a small church..I've said that. To prepare for the Lord's Supper service, I generally make a trip to the local grocery to purchase Matzo and grape juice (baptist, remember). There are a few things about grocery shopping you should know.

  I strongly dislike shopping.. there, said it. Now, wouldn't you know they have not only rearranged "my" store- they remodeled it, and I needed to zip in to purchase items for Sunday's service.

  Upon finally finding the Matzo, I wandered and roamed in an attempt to find the juice (who designed the layout of this store?). Things are no where near the place they were, and not grouped like they use to be. Finding the juice, I grabbed it and moved on. Halting in an unoccupied isle, attempting to think- was there anything else we needed? Looking down at the bottle in my arms I burst out's why:

  Picture if you will- the congregation sitting, little communion cups in hands, the pastor says, "Do this in remembrance of Me." Everyone quietly, reverently drinks of the cup----and in unison- spits! You see, I had juice in my hands....prune juice! Can you imagine? Yuck-the words vile, awful come to mind! Talk about spiritual cleansing..whoa.

   When I finally stopped laughing hysterically I did find the grape juice- on the shelf right next to the prune juice. Oddly enough, they are in the same style bottle..same color...similar labels. Any one could make this mistake, right?

  The Lord is good. He showed me the error of my way..allowed me to laugh at my attempts..and guided me to the right path (or shelf). Here is a lesson for us all...slow down, pay attention to details. No task is so small it is not important to God. might want to check the cup before you partake of the communion :).


**I view Communion as a serious and solemn ordinance of the disrespect want intended in this writing...only the awareness of my own fallibility even in the service of our mighty God.

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