Wednesday, August 25, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday...or not..

   The battle is has been on for several weeks. This quilt is just not quilting. I have started machine quilting this several times over the past several weeks and ripped it out every time. Ugh. I generally hand quilt my work, especially if the quilting is decorative in nature. For me, machine work is usually a simple repetitive pattern (i.e stippling, bubbles, cross-hatch).
   Originally I designed floral motif to start in the center of the Dresden, like the center of a flower, and then larger loops for a petal effect. I planned swirling leaves to fill the spaces and bleed over the sashing. I started this design, by machine, and hated it! The design just didn't lay right. So, I ripped it out.
   Second design was simple in the ditch and around the applique. On the machine, with a walking foot, I started in the Dresden, however, the fabric kept bunching and puckering. Frustration..started this over several times; never worked right. So, I ripped it out.
   I revisited both designs again with a free motion set up; still had too much bunch, pucker or just a wrong look to it. Part of my trouble might be that I do not machine quilt very often- and almost never in a decorative design. For time's sake, I did not intend to hand quilt this one. The thought of just setting it aside until a later time is nagging at me- I hate to do that..but...I have another quilt waiting for my attention- not mine and only in need of quilting and binding.
   Today I am pondering just stippling the whole thing..all over..and being done with it! Yet...I don't know. What started out as my work in progress ended up with no progress at all.


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