Friday, September 10, 2010

Farm Focus...the Little Things

 Muzzy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

   Its Friday. After our classes are finished for the day, our homework is all caught up, and our kitchen sink is free of dishes we spend the rest of the day focusing on the farm. Today has a lot on the list. Farm dad and I are picking up some americauna hens from a little homestead not far away, the barn must be cleaned and scrubbed, and most important (to some at least) is the making of some chocolate chip cookies. We like to keep these on hand, in the freezer, to pop out anytime they're needed- or desired.
   Raising a family, caring for a husband require the "little things." For example, having his favorite cookies on hand (in the freezer) is a connection to his childhood and a way to show I love him...a "little thing". Keeping the home in order is another "little thing". Going to the park or the stables with one of the kids is a "little thing". Taking that walk, working that garden bed, watching that movie, cooking that dish....small but simple acts of kindness that touch our families' hearts. These are the memories they will carry with work, to college, to their own homes someday. They will pass them on to others in their lives, their families someday.
   Today I challenge you..what are some "little things" you do or can do for your family? Do they have a favorite dish? A hobby? When have you just gone for a walk and chatted with your husband? Rode a bike with your kid? Played ball? Search out the "little things" for you will find, in the end, they were big things all along.


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