Saturday, September 11, 2010

The New Brood

I love chickens..its true. Six little ladies and their rooster needed a new home and, you guessed it, we adopted them. We had several of this breed before, but lost them to raccoon attacks. Aracaunda breed poultry are usually rather large birds with multi-color feathering. Originally from Africa, these birds are known for the fact their eggs have a beautiful green shell and their "bearded ladies". You see, the hens have a tuft of feathers under their beaks that looks like a beard. When we pieced them up it seems these birds are rather small and in need of some TLC. They will definitely get it here.
When a new animal is introduced here on the farm, we quarantine them for several days. This protects the animals already living here and to allow the current animals to get use to seeing them, but not be allowed to "compete" with them. The holding pen will be dusted with diotenatious earth, have clean bedding, food and water. The other animals can see them, but do not have access to them.
All animals have a "pecking order" they work withing- a dominant leader of the pack. This new brood is in a poultry pen where they can get plenty of sunlight, exercise and food set apart from the other flock. The others can walk near the holding pen, and interact through the fence. After several days, the flock will start to accept the brood with out competing for food and territory. I won't release new animals until they pass my stamp on health and habits. These may be separate for longer than usual..they need to fill out some.
We can't wait to see that first green egg in the nest. Isn't it unique, more way God shows His creative hand. To think, in the beginning, He knew the joy and awe that colored eggs would bring His children. He knew the fascination some of us would have over the various breeds, diversities, and quirks these funny birds would have. I must say, He amazes me!


Farmboy took the photo and says the new rooster is quite a model. He ran out of the shelter to "pose" for the picture. Flairing his wings and standing tall, he was quite the "camera hog" making sure he was the focal point in every shot! Gotta love 'em.
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