Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Going to Miss This.....

   Whew, first week of duel credit classes behind us..ah! This year we have two students homeschooling with duel credit courses being taken at our local college. Working a schedule has proved a challenge, especially since I still have one full time home school student. With one week down, things should start to mellow a bit; I hope. One day I'm going to miss this?

   Even with the hectic pattern of our days, I wouldn't change a thing. Our time together is precious. Meals are shared; we work, we laugh, we ride in the car..we teach and we are taught by each other. We know each other..our likes, our dislikes, our passions, sorrows, joys, what makes us tick.

   Before you get me wrong please let me say- we do get on each other's nerves. No one can push your button better than the ones who spend the most time with you. You always hurt those you love..we hurt each other..often. This family can fight like the best of them..and yes, I'm one of them, day, I'm going to miss this.

   I try to remind myself and my kids: one day, we are going to miss this. Making dinner together, eating popcorn and playing games, chasing the chickens in, working the soil, fighting, crying- laughing. We will miss solving algebra, editing essays, hunting for the right answer. We'll miss arguing over the last highlighter, the "best" pencil, the fight over the front seat. One day, this will be a memory we cherish..we long for. One day..we will miss this!

   So...while I am very glad to have this week behind me, I'll look forward to the next one..and the one after, because I know that one day....I am going to miss this!


*but, not'm going to have coffee and rest!

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