Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday...Ponderings from the Accidental Pastor's Wife

A Lesson from a Stubborn Little Goat

   It was hoof trimming day. Yes, time for goat pedicures...clean, trim, file..moisturize if need be. Some animals enjoy the whole beautification process, however, most of our little goats do not! Nevertheless, it is a dirty job that must be done..and with the intense heat of summer..we were a little behind schedule on this particular task.
Genesis under the ladder, Leviticus in the front
   To trim a hoof: 1.Get your supplies in order (we have a bucket with blood stop powder, trimmers, file, hoof cream, pick and brush) 2. Catch goat, 3. Straddle goat in rear facing position (facing the goat's rear), 4. Grab a hoof, lift just enough to work. Now I generally clean out the muck, trim nails and dew claws, file gently and check for cracks or damages. We try to work quickly with hind hooves first then fronts; you don't want to hold a goat longer than you have to.
  Alright, the problem came with Leviticus (the goat, not the book). He does NOT like to be restrained in any way..for any reason. This little goat likes his comfort zones. Love me, feed me, never work with me..that's his motto. When in a working situation, he bawls and balks and throws himself on his back..oh, good grief the temper tantrum this kid can work up! Got me thinking......

  Sound a bit like... me. I don't know about you, but more often than not, when the Lord is working in my heart, my life.....I don't like it. It seems...restraining..uncomfortable. Comfort zones are my friend...peace, contentment, the easy road..yes, I like that. When faced with a work or a change, I often bawl and balk. Sometimes I go so far as to have a down right fit; just like a stubborn little goat.
  In the midst of Leviticus and my "meeting of the mind" he gave me a nasty wound...his untrimmed hoof cut down the back of my calf leaving open skin and an awful bruise. Hmmm. When I fight my Lord, I wound Him, too. Not a flesh wound, but a wound of the heart..grieving Him. Does He still love me? Yes, I am His..He forgives. Does the work end? No, this must be done for my good. Just like the stubborn little goat, I must submit to the working..the change..the cleaning of the muck from my feet (or heart).
  As I ponder my life and the changes that are happening daily, the ministries my family is involved in, the path we are walking..I will try to be sensitive to my Heavenly Father's heart..His working. My prayer is that I can accept the working of the Spirit and not wrestle Him to the point of grief; release my comfort zones and move ahead. Lord, help me to work with You, not against You in the days to come.


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