Friday, September 17, 2010

In The Fall Garden

   The task of planting fall garden crops is at hand. Afternoons are spent amending soil, casting seeds, and hoeing weeds. It is a busy time, yet we look forward to the baskets of fresh veggies that will come. The early garden provided for us well; we are still enjoying some of the remaining goodness. As of today, the pasture garden holds:

new green bean plants

rows and rows of goodness
broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage they all look pretty similar
hot peppers still producing
licorice scented agastachi
and a little peeper
   There are three garden plots on our little farm: the pasture side, the greenhouse plot, and the front herb and greens garden. Each one holds different crops at different times allowing for adequate crop rotation and expansion. While the pasture plot is underway and already filling up with plants, the herb and greens garden is about to undergo some renovation while the greenhouse plot is preparing for cover crops as a resting period. (The greenhouse itself is under maintenance right now).
   I dont' know about you, but this looks like enough to keep the family busy. What plans do you have for a fall garden? Veggies? Herbs? Flowers? Fruit? Are you growing in containers? A plot of soil? Your windowsill? Send us some photos and tidbits from your fall gardens...we can't wait to see them!


* Thank you ladies for your recent comments. It's so sweet to read your notes. Yes, we are looking into farm you mentioned; and the quilt is underway..thank you Lord for Your guiding Hand.

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