Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, I give up....

Willow and Levi
   Breeding season is upon us in the dairy goat world and we don't have a buck. Through a series of events outside of our control we have been unable to pair up with a farm to breed lines with. After that realization, we attempted  to purchase bucks to raise here and breed to...yet the only farm with interest in selling to us backed out with out explanation.
   It's frustrating...period. Willow has been in milk long enough and needs breed and our new doe should have had her first kidding this fall...yet it will not be. Things go this happens..we can't change get the picture. I give up.
   Where does it go from here? Don't know. Those who have had their hand in this will have there day and so be it. Do we sell them if we can't breed? Do they go out of milk and just become an expense? Don't know, but, as of today, I give up.


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Stephanie said...

Ever tried Gramen? We buy milk from them & they usually have some bucks for sale.