Friday, September 24, 2010


green beans
   The garden; a wonder and a marvel. You till the soil, plant the seed and wait. With warmth and water that seed will start to grow eventually developing into a plant. Somewhere along here things can go arye. You see, weeds come into the picture. Weeds: plants that have not found a purpose. Plants that leech nutrients from the good plant; crowding, stealing, choking. The tender plant is left week and unable to produce fruit or, in some cases, dies altogether. We have to deal with the weeds.
   As I work in the garden soil. I ponder: weeds/sin. Weeds in life are sometimes obvious like the weeds inbetween the garden rows; easily seen- quick to get to. Obvious weeds in life are open and often seen by others... they may be addictions (food, alchohol, shopping, unhealthy relationsips, etc.) or actions (body manipulation, obsession with appearance, unhealthy relationships, wreckless habits, etc).   What about the hard to see weeds? When you look at this picture closely there are tiny weeds in between the plants- popping up, sneaky, almost hidden. Secret weeds in life are private...matters of the heart (bitterness, envy, attitude, anorexia, entertainment, depression, etc.)
  The first step in dealing with our weeds is: identification, recognize it as a weed- unproductive and intrusive. Once we recognize, we must take action to remove the weed. Some are easily uprooted and discarded- do so and do it quickly. Weeds are much easier to remove when they are small (just like our sin). When weeds have been allowed to grow, they can often require additional assistance to remove them (large garden weeds need a hoe or shovel- sin weeds may need a counselor or confidant). Either way, the longer the weed is ignored, the more damage it will do.
   Whether we are in the identification process, the removing process, or are weed-free for the moment, we must pray. Laying our weakness at the Lord's feet is the only way. He is our Master Gardener; our Vine dresser. In the Master's wisdom, a tender and weak plant can be tended, nourished, and restored. Unlike my garden, we are never so far gone in sin that our Lord cannot restore us.
   As I work today to rid the garden of nasty weeds, I will pray for wisdom concerning the weeds in my heart..the things in my life that choke out my testimony...the things that hinder my growth..the weeds.


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