Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday...What's On the Table

my cousin's beautiful quilt
   Gentle fields of lavender, a tranquil garden path. bold sunflower; all the qualities of beauty and nature that bring joy, awe and comfort to the soul. This quilt was pieced by my cousin and, let me say, she did an amazing job! Excellent sizing, shape and seam allowance; neatly squared up and pressed just right. Way to go!
   The sad thing is, it has been waiting for me...poor neglected thing. A few other quilts were already on the frame (or the table) and needed to be completed before this pretty thing could take center stage. The other quilts are now ready for me to hand stitch the binding before they hit the shop, so this one has moved into place on the table.
   You may recognize this quilt from the basting tutorial we did only last week. With the layers now securely basted in place and other quilts out of the way, it is time to get serious about design. Before I start quilting, much prayer and pondering must happen (for me anyway). You may see me doodling quilting motifs on every piece of scrap paper I can find. This serves two purposes for me: a pattern to quilt onto the quilt, and practice in the stitching path I will take.
   I have spent the past few days looking at the web sight this pattern came from. It seems all the sample quilts from this company (meaning the ones pictured on the pattern covers) are machine stitched. With this in mind, I have been running some test strips through the machine to plot a pattern and a path- and to practice. Now I am down to just sitting down and stitching it!
   The desire I have is to do this quilt the beauty it is truly beautiful. May the Lord guide my hands and my mind to do the job He would love!


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Andrea said...

Simplychele, You are so sweet to even ask the Lord to guide your hand while working on this quilt. I am sure He would; He's just that sweet and mindful of His loved ones.

I would love to take credit for sewing the top together but, I (ahem) paid someone to do it. haha! The curves overwhelmed me. Please, take your time. If the quilt falls last on your priority list, so be it. I'm in no hurry and neither should you be.

Much love,