Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tending the Turkeys- Wingband Maintenance

checking wingbands
   Turkeys are growing! These little peepers keep a full schedule throughout the day: eat, peep, poop, repeat. As they start to grow, their wing bands can become uncomfortably turned around which may lead to the loss of the band. In an attempt to prevent this, the bands must be checked occasionally and turned if needed. Today is wing band checking day for us.
   Raising turkeys requires commitment. They are completely dependant on you for protection, water, food, sanitation and housing. Encouraging the family to take on projects such as this develops a sense of responsibility that will carry on throughout their adult lives. Understanding that smaller, weaker beings have needs- are basically helpless, and we must set aside some of our own agenda to care for them- those are lessons I want my children to learn.
   Wing bands may seem like a little thing, but little things can become big things. When my kids grow up and take on families of their own hopefully the tedious task of maintaining wing bands will transfer over to tying shoes or coloring pictures ore taking a temperature. No experience is wasted, there are lessons everywhere- even in tending the turkeys.


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