Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday..the Ponderings of the Accidental Pastor's Wife

             Once a Mother, Always a Mother

   As you know, I am a mother, I have a mother and a mother-in-law, a grandmother or two- you get the picture. Serving in assisted living ministry has given me some mothers-in-love; they just adopt you the minute you walk in the door. We have noticed that when our mothers develop dementia or Alzheimer's and are placed in a group care environment, one will often become the mother of the group. Such was the case with Miss Faye.
   I have loving memories of dear Miss Faye; she was somewhat quiet and kept up her appearance. She was very able in body, however, she suffered the effects of Alzheimer's. Ever faithful to attend the little church service we held in her center, Miss Faye was also a leader- a mother to her roommates.
   My favorite loving memory of her is the Sunday morning she came to service with her friends- who, at that time, were being rather noisy. Now during the singing portion of the service, Miss Faye was cautiously warning her friends to quiet down and listen. When the singing was over and the preaching began, our dear Miss Faye would have no disrespect of God's Word. She proceeded to pull a comb out of her pocket, reach across the table and swat the talkers on the hand- reminding them that the preacher was talking and they needed to hush up and listen.
   Now, I had never in my wildest dreams expected such a thing- it shocked us all! Bless her heart, she meant no ill will, but she did mean business. Miss Faye was a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, and would always be. The Lord must have smiled at her simple devotion and boldness in response to His servants because it ended well. Things settled down and the service went on.
   I treasure the memory of this unique woman and her motherly way. She was caring and eager to hug you when you arrived- she often recognized you, just not sure why or how she knew you. Miss Faye is with our Lord now, and surely keeps Him smiling. Whenever I see a little black comb, I think of Miss Faye, once a mother, always a mother.


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