Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday..Ponderings of the Accidental Pastor's Wife

                                                   Lessons From the Broody Hen & Me

the broody ol' hen
    It seems that one of my hens has decided to usher in the fall season with an activity all her own; she has decided to be broody. If you have ever spent some time with a broody hen- you haven't forgotten it. Nothing makes an impression around the barnyard like a broody hen. She is puffed up and full of irritation. Broody Betty wants no part the other ladies' chatter and charm- nor the rooster's incesant fussing. This hen wants to be, well, broody.
   My daily interactions with the old broody hen have got me pondering; we are so often like this broody hen. You see, she is puffed up-attempting to make herself bigger than she really is. When other hens drop by for casual conversation broody hens raise quite an unpleasant ruckus, thus running off good company. Her rooster comes home to the coop and broody hen is too busy with her brooding to pay him any mind. Attempts to assist or aide a broody hen are met with angry aggression. She is just no fun to be with.
   Unlike the broody hen, our broody moods are caused by a myriad of things. Unpleasant family interactions, uncooperative children, selfishness, pride, arrogance, anything that unbalances our emotions. Sometimes it takes just one little thing to send us brooding, but most often the pressure has been building and we've had it. There is only one cure for a broody hen- remove the cause of her broodiness (her nest of eggs). Once the cause is removed she will go about being a functional part of the flock again.
   Guess what I discovered. The only way to cure our broodiness is- you guessed it- remove what is causing the broodiness. If a relationship is the trigger- consider time away to settle the emotions. When it's the children- ask them to give you some quite time; even small children can understand when you're out of sorts and need a break. Selfishness, pride and arrogance take a bit more effort- seek God's help. I personally search out Scriptures relating to my broody trigger, write them on note cards or sheets of paper, and tack them up around the house in the areas I will encounter them the most. This prompts me to ponder the word and pray for guidance.
   In the hen house, I gave in and let the hen set her nest. When a ruckus occurs I smile and think ahead to little, fluffy chicks yet to come; before too long she'll be back to herself. In my house, the battle is there- yet progress is being made. Maybe I'll pour a cup of coffee and spend some time to myself out under the trees pondering the broody hen and me.


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