Friday, October 8, 2010

Ushering in the Fall Season IV

                                                                  Babies on the Farm

Just arrived!!!

In the cooler weather of fall, we take inventory of the plants and animals here on the little farm; evaluating their health, purpose and function. From time to time we must replace or restock the barnyard. The hen house is usually the area with the most turn over due to predators or going out of season. Since we have a broody hen setting a nest of new chicks we will not be adding hens to our flock right now.
Last fall baby goats were added to our farm. Bottle fed and hand trained ,they have grown well and are preparing to be purposeful and productive. Our breeding partner fell through, so no new goats will be arriving this fall. Sad as it may be, there must be a reason it did not work out.
All that said, new babies did arrive here on the farm yesterday--turkeys. We have never raised a pen of turkeys before so this will be a new venture for us. Twenty-five hungry little peepers arrived yesterday and have set up house in the brooder pen.

Investigating their new home.
   Upon arrival the little turkeys had their wing bands checked and recorded (due to the fact that we are a registered farm and  4-H family, we keep detailed records of our livestock. Each little beak was dipped in the water bowl before they set about to investigate their pen. Once they seem accustom to the brooder and water, feed is set out- there is no need to show them how to do this- they arrive hungry and ready for a meal.
   For the first twenty-four hours we keep a round the clock check on them- about ever two hours- to be sure the temperature is maintained and the birds seem healthy and active. This routine tapers to three to four hours, then four times a day (including overnight) until butchering or show; yes, these are show pens for our county fair as well as meat for our freezer.

   You may not live in an environment conducive to baby animals, but that doesn't mean some one around you doesn't have some for you to visit. Maybe just reading about new babies would be a nice idea. When our kids were little, changing of seasons was a perfect time to introduce nature studies to read, visit, interact and journal about. God can open your eyes to His majesty through the study of His marvelous creation. I encourage you to look for ways to interact with nature as you usher in the fall season.


*   Throughout the holiday season, the farm kids and I would like to host "Make it Mondays"- extending our sharing of holiday related crafts and activities. We hope you join us!

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