Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday..Ponderings of the Accidental Pastor's Wife

"...go and bring forth fruit,"  John 15:16 

   A command; not a suggestion: "...go and bring forth fruit.."  This I ponder this week. I am seeking. How? The answer has not yet come.
   I have always believed growth must start at home- with the training and discipleship of our children and ourselves, but, where does it go from here and how is it done? Is this a personal or collective endeavor? The job of the family? The church? Is the Lord speaking of discipleship or outreach?
   Growing fruit trees has taught me that proper conditions must be met in order for the tree to bear fruit; light, water, fertilizer, season- proper pruning and trellising. Can this parallel our "fruit bearing"? What are the right conditions for bearing fruit? I am just not seeing it. Have you ever known there was a lesson there, yet it was just out of reach- the connection was just not being made? It's maddening!
   This week I consider, I ponder- how do we "go and bring forth fruit"? Can you tell me?


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