Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ushering in the Fall Season V

                                                      Yard Work

Do we really have to clean the yard?
   Not the most popular activity of the season, yet necessary; yard work. With the change of season comes a change in duties relating to our yards. We turn in our weed eaters and lawn mowers for rakes and wheel barrows. Trees are gently dropping their foliage, taking on the bare look of the upcoming winter. Pine cones  and sweet gum balls decorate the scattered colors of the leaves. For us, this means afternoons of raking and bagging- working together as a family.
   Leaves on our little farm  are gathered for the winter-stored in bags and barrels. These make welcome treats in the stalls of our livestock when forage is scarce. Is it necessary? Not really, but it is economical and practical, and they really enjoy it. The question is, do we? Well...
   When they were little raking and gathering leaves was a game to them; something done in fun out in the sunshine. Contests were had to see who had the most colorful or unusual leaf piles in the yard. Who could fill a bag faster- or fill the most bags? Which one would run full speed and jump in with reckless abandon knowing they would have to rake them all up again? Now, they are older...and...
   As older youth it has become more of a duty; a chore to be done. Now we look at it the more practical eyes knowing the need it will fill when the time comes. It is also seen as a time to work together; a time to realize that many hand really do make light work. Though often looked at begrudgingly, it still ends up with laughter, good conversation and the satisfaction of a job well done. We may not look forward to it, but in the end we do enjoy the joy we share in the process.
   So gather your rakes, your work gloves, your wheel barrows...soak up some seasonal sunshine and breath the fresh air. Spend some time as a family raking, pruning, putting in some yard work as you usher in the fall season.


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