Friday, November 5, 2010

She Taught Herself....


   Tatting. Oh, how I have tried to learn. Finding someone still practicing the art of tatting has proven impossible. Such persons are either at a point in life they are no longer able, or they have passed on. We have read about groups of gals gathering and reviving this art; they just don't seem to live anywhere near us. Knowing this, I took the book route and the video route - failing miserably each time. Personally- I gave up.

tatting supplies

   Leaving the items laying about, one of my girls sparked an interest in the beautiful craft. Packing a tote bag with supplies and a book with only one small article about tatting, off we went to church service. Not wanting to discourage her, I said nothing of my woes in this endeavor..let her be, I thought.

a sample of tatted lace

   Wouldn't you know- she aced it on her first attempt! By the time we arrived for church last week that girl had a nice start to hand tatted lace. Needless to say I am impressed and slightly jealous. A gift, such an amazing ability to pick up a pattern and just make it happen. Lacework does seem to suit her. 

ready to tote and carry

   Self-learning is a skill I truly wish we saw in more people today. The drive to pick an endeavor, research it, prepare for it, and do it. Our current society seems more bent toward a "do-for-me-attitude" instead of a "I-can-do-it-attitude." Teaching yourself a skill stirs up a satisfaction in our souls that nothing else can give. God made our hands to work, and He is honored when we use them wisely. Even the simply beauty of handwork can honor our Heavenly Father.

   Our family has "self-taught" many unique and dying arts. These endeavors do not have to be expensive or tedious. Seek things that accommodate your natural bent; your interests or style. Where do your passions lead you? What sparks a memory of a loved one? Challenge yourself to grow in a new area this week...teach yourself something new.



Jane Eborall said...

Great start and now onwards to 'real tatting' which is done with a shuttle!

simplyscaife said...

Yes! Do you know anyone who still does this? We have a few books and the supplies, but that seems harder!