Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday..Ponderings of the Accidental Pastor's Wife

                                                                 Life in the Blender

   Have you ever made a smoothie or iced coffee drink in the blender? We made some the other day and boy they were good. Ice, fruit, fresh milk swirling around the blender in a vortex of tasty goodness. The end result was sweet and very tasty, but many changes had to happen to the ingredients before the end result could be achieved....kinda like life.

   Here on the farm, the family has been facing "life in the blender"; a season of bumps and bruises that will change the shape of our being. Difficult decisions, doctor's visits, family discord, resurfacing of an oppressive situation, ministry, a drought, a storm and loss swirl around us- leaving us to feel out of control. As we sink in the vortex, unable to stop the motion, despair and discouragement fight to overtake us.

   In the midst of such a time as this, two questions for the Lord come to my heart: 1. Am I harboring a hidden sin that needs addressed and confessed? 2. Is this a proving, a time for my growth and Your glory? For the past few weeks, this has been my heartfelt prayer- which one is it? and where do I go from here? Show me..

   The answer is personal; a deep peace in my heart...a knowing..He is with me..He will lead us through. Whatever the answer is, He will provide..His grace is sufficient...His promises are true. We will get through this...we will have joy in the midst of trial....we will praise Him in this storm- we know the end result is a life will much sweeter.

   If sin is the culprit, we must recognize it for what it is- sin against a Holy God, then address it and confess it. Only in His precious Son are we able to do this..yet, until we do this..He cannot bless our service; our offerings.

   If it is a proving, we must accept God's decision and allow His will, His grace to carry us through- always keeping our humble spirit in communion with His. He cannot receive the Glory if we fail to allow His divine Hand.

   If you are experiencing life in the blender, let me share our steps to peace: 1. Breathe, 2. Bow the knee, 3. Believe. First, stop everything and take a deep still before God. Then, bow the knee; unburden your heart to a Holy, Loving God- cry, yell, scream, groan- He already just need to let it go before Him. Now, believe: His grace is sufficient, His Word is pure, His promises are true..He will guide you through- you will have peace.

   Though none go with me, still I will follow.......even when life is in the blender.

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