Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday..Ponderings of an Accidental Pastor's Wife

extra small egg from the hens

                              One Tiny Gift

     This week, we found a tiny gift in one of the nests. Barely an inch across and blue as the morning sky, a tiny egg lay pitifully in the big nest box. Perplexed, I wondered which one of my gals may have left this for me. Setting it in my basket, it looked just as out of place there as it did in the nest box. Yet, my heart was drawn to this tiny gift.
   I knew this egg would not be fit to box with eggs we often share with others - who would want such a pitiful thing? Taking it inside with me, I sat the little egg in the window sill over the sink- to ponder over for a while.

   Seems my acts of service, pitiful things they are, are much like this tiny egg; such little things- so out of place with the others. Discouragement comes when we compare the tiny egg, or our acts of service, to the others. They just can't measure up. What good is such a little thing? Can it be useful? Yet...
   In my eyes, the tiny egg is precious- unique- useful. In God's eyes, even a tiny act of service is precious, unique, useful. It is not the size of the gift that matters, it is the heart that gives it. My hen gave of herself and left the gift for me; I have given of myself to my Father and left the gift for Him.
   Discouragement sometimes comes when, looking around us, it seems God's Word is not effective in reaching others; that our acts of service (outreach/encouragement) are so small...almost nonexistent. This week I had the privilege of attending a mission update dinner for International Commission. As I sat there, knowing my personal part in this ministry is small in comparison to some, my heart realized that my small part is still a part. God's Word is still working, still effective in our world to day, and I am a small part of that. This, in addition to my other small attempts make up a bigger gift..and are part of the whole.
   My tiny egg will be added to others to nourish my family. My tiny gifts to God will be added to others' to nourish the people. If I can daily strive to give even one tiny gift, I can be effective to my Heavenly Father's purpose. The key is doing....I doesn't have to be bit, but it must be done. Join me this week in striving for at least one tiny gift.



Kathleen said...

What a lovely post, Michele. I happened on this post today - Good Friday! I'm sure it was a tender mercy, a reminder that God knows my need today. What a sweet Easter thought and I needed and appreciate the reminder about small efforts, and the grace and power of God to use even small efforts to build up His kingdom. Thank you! (BTW, I linked to this post from my own blog, I hope you won't mind.)

Amber Omer said...

Wonderfully written post. Thank you!