Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We All Work Together

working through a tough one
   Some are under the impression that being a home school family, we do not hit the books the way public school students do. A common misconception I have been faced with is that our family (or other home school families) spend a lot of time at play and very little time at work. Let me address that.
   My husband and I believe that education is very important to both children and adults, as well as important to our Heavenly Father. From the moment of conception children begin to learn. As adults, we are continually learning until our Lord calls us home. Education is not something to be taken lightly, it is something to strive for; it takes working together.
   Early on, our educating started with simple interactions, conversations, and routine. Over the years, we progressed to a classroom atmosphere (for a time, we attended a private school). Desks, maps, charts and such were in the home classroom along with computers and other resource books. Currently our class room time is split between duel credit at our local college and our home classroom.
   On a typical day (right now) we start with morning chores, breakfast and blessings (Bible reading), and a trip to the college. The older teens take classes, while the younger is educated by me. Upon returning home, noon chores take place before we transition to home lessons (each teen has lessons being taught at home). The length of our school day is determined by the requirement of the day's assignments and our proficiency in getting them mastered.
   As the children grow and mature, we become more hands off- directing them in setting their schedules, keeping records and determining their interests and activities. Transition helps prepare them for the time when mom and dad will not be there as their safety net when their decisions are not quite working out.
  Seen in the picture, math is still taught in our home. Dad works with the older teens in Algebra while I am teaching pre-algebra to the younger, as well as consumer math to all. Individual interests are encouraged and allotted for later in our afternoons. We are active in our community, our church, as well as our local 4H and YMCA.   
   I have always believed that idle hands are quick to mischief, so guiding myself and my children to busy hands has lead to cooking, gardening, sewing of various forms, art, leather work, music and so much more. These skills not only keep us from being idle, they serve as functional skills for our homes.
   Homeschooling is a blessing. It is a process, and it is work. Our classroom today is nothing like we started with - neither are we; praise the Lord. I believe God intends for us to keep Him central, educate with a Biblical worldview, and grow in grace and knowledge that we may better serve Him now and in our future. Our family grows everyday, and so much more so, when we all work together.

   If you have questions about homeschooling or duel credit courses, please feel free to leave them in our comment box, or email me at We will gladly help in any way we can.


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