Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Actions Speak Lounder Than Our Shirts

   "Do you know how many people wear those shirts and don't live it?" That got my attention. In the check out at the local grocery holding a friendly chat with the checker, he paused to ask me this question. Let me back up a minute.
   I am a regular at this store. A few weeks age a new person started working there; someone who "stood out" a bit; someone "different". This employee is very friendly and hard working-I can't complain; he does a great job and knows where to find everything. He's just unusual.
   I went through his check out line a few times. we held simple conversation: did I find everything I needed, you found some great sale items, have a nice day, come back and see us again....just friendly chat. I made a point to thank him and tell him to have a blessed rest of the day.
   When I got up this morning, I didn't put much thought into my clothing. Unwillingly, a trip to the store was needed for the items on my candy making list. Off I ventured, my mind on a million things, unaware of my clothing.

"Do you realize how many people wear those shirts and don't live it?" Woah! Stop me dead in my tracks--I started a mental inventory of all the things I had done since getting dressed this morning. Had I said something, done something...what did he see that made him ask me this? Prone to wickedness I am..I know it. My heart started to race. My remorseful answer to his question was a pentitant admission: too many. He agreed.
   Our conversation continued with how such people don't know him, yet feel the need to assume they do. In a remorseful tone he stated that doesn't know those people, and doesn't care to. I hesitantly pointed out that he doesn't know me either. My heart pounded, concerned over what he might say. His response has resounded in heart all day. "You have been nothing but kind to me."
It never crossed my mind:
Our actions speak louder than our shirts.

If I wear it, I need to be aware of how I'm representing it. Better to remain silent than bring shame to my Savior.

not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
and trying to live it

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